Advantages and Benefits of SMS Marketing or Message Marketing



Make Loyal Customers

SMS Marketing is an extraordinary channel to draw in and make valuable clients. Offer your clients advancements and offer data about your business when you feel the need. This makes your clients/customers feel increased in value by keeping them the principle focal point of your business. The more you give, the more you get back.

Produce verbal Conversation

Use SMS to draw in your current clients as well as drive new business to your organization. On the off chance that you have something of significant worth to offer your clients, they will get the message out to family, companions and partners. Informal exchange is an amazing asset and SMS advances this with moment correspondence.

Improve Correspondence

Openness is absolutely vital for building any long haul relationship. SMS Marketing can be of incredible advantage when expanding on these connections. SMS is an individual message from you to your crowd. Give them access on the mystery deal, a straightforward thank you message after a buy, educate them regarding any business/limited time offers, when their conveyance is prepared, the rundown is perpetual. SMS Marketing is a simple, quick and solid approach to speak with the entirety of your clients.

Quick and Effective

SMS Marketing enables you to arrive at an enormous number of individuals all simultaneously. Content Messaging is a moment showcasing instrument, getting your message under the control of the correct group of spectators, when you need it. Clients keep their cell phones close by, making it simple to impart your message to them.

Select In Option

Building your database accurately is of crucial significance, for Data Protection purposes as well as by having your clients join to get notification from you; you have just begun the business procedure. These Opt in’s are qualified existing or potential clients, they need to get notification from you, don’t frustrate them.

Financially Freedom

SMS Marketing is a modest strategy for correspondence in contrast with customary advertising. It will assist your business with tightening your planning belts. A ton of organizations open and private reducing expenses each day by sending instant messages as opposed to sending letters or pamphlets, this is constantly extraordinary for our condition as well!

A Special Bonding with your Marketing Campaigns

A significant advantage of SMS Marketing is the potential it has when you incorporate it into any of your advertising efforts. It is realized that internet based life and conventional media are not generally the best method to arrive at your clients on schedule, just coordinate SMS with these other advertising techniques and get the message directly to your clients, guaranteeing that they comprehend what you bring to the table them.

Directly to the point without deviation

With just 160 characters permitted when sending an instant message this guarantees your message is clear and brief. Coming to the heart of the matter is significant, telling clients precisely what you need them to know and making it a simple read will profit both the client and your business.

Time Saving Mechanism

Everyone realizes that ‘Time is Money’, with SMS marketing you will spare a great deal of time, enabling you to focus on different regions of the business. It is a straightforward and simple procedure. With the planning part of SMS you can essentially sort out your SMS promoting efforts for a later date. This is an enormous advantage as it enables you to deal with your time productively.

Our Bulk SMS Service Key Points:

• Transactional & Promotional SMS
• Two Ways SMS Gateway (Long code SMS & Short code SMS)
• Virtual Phone Number
• Send SMS Alerts
• Bulk SMS API
• SMS Gateway Integration
• Missed Call Alert Service
• IVR Service
• Enterprise SMS
• Voice Call SMS Service
• Opt-In & Opt-Out via Missed Call Number
• Opt-In & Opt-Out via Short Code
• Opt-In & Opt-Out via Long Code


SRAMEDIA Bulk SMS Advantages:

• We have comprehensive computerized databases of carrier-wise subscriber further sub-categorized according to various parameters such as social demographics, economic parameters, city-wise, rural subscribers, gender based, personal and business numbers.
• We have specialists with expertise in developing brief yet highly effective and response evoking SMS messages.
• Our service includes metrics and analysis to keep you informed of progress and returns.
• We guarantee positive results on a massive scale backed by our guarantees.
• Target specific messages to specific target groups.
• We can set up Bulk SMS for Noida facility in your systems or handle it with our staff, leaving you free to focus on your core business and reap a rich harvest of thousands of inquiries.
• SRAMedia Bulk SMS for Delhi system is really useful for Schools, Retailers, Agents, Doctors and hospitals, Banks Tour/Travel companies, hosting and other service provider companies.

The SRAMEDIA Bulk SMS Software Features:

Let us give you a short and quick snippet of the commendable features which you are going to enjoy from our end.

• Manage your Address Book / Phone Book.
• Manage groups of users (like friends in one group, clients in other group, staffs on another group) etc.
• You can send message instantly to any individual user or to a particular group.
• You can schedule the system to send messages on a particular date and time to individuals or groups.
• Upload Excel Sheet, Notepad File or Comma Delimited File [.csv file] (with number and message) to send bulk messages without making address book.
• We will also provide HTTP API for integration with your own desktop or web applications/software in any languages (Also provide Sample Source Codes in different languages Asp.Net, Asp, PHP, Java, C#.Net, VB etc.)
• Excel Plug-in also available (You can send SMS without login our web interface, save user name & password into Excel and send SMS without any interruption.)
• Customized/Personalize Bulk SMS in Delhi NCR Feature Available.
• Hindi SMS or Bulk SMS Gurgaon in any Languages also available (i.e. Unicode SMS)
• DND / Non-DND Filtration Available on bulk SMS web interface.
• Sender ID / CLI Available: For Transaction SMS Noida sender id length would be 6 ALPHA Characters only (i.e. MD-SRAMEDIA), For Promotional SMS sender id length would be 6 Numeric Characters only (MD-4444444)
• SMS Delivery Report Available (We provide Delivery Reports latest 6 Months maximum)
• Message Templates – You can save your various templates into our bulk sms software for further use.
• Our Bulk SMS Software also supports Template Based System; whereas you have to take approval of required message templates then you can send Bulk SMS Gurgaon with approved message templates only.
• Opt in / Opt out Service – Whereas you can take optin from your clients (via Short Code/Long Code) and contacts saved in Main List. Once optin, if someone wants optout then also possible.
• This SMS System is not only for personal use, but this is also very effective business tool to send instant notification to you clients.
• SRAMedia Bulk SMS Software capable to send 1000s of messages per second (i.e. 1000 TPS)
• We also provide White Labeled Bulk SMS Software Interface or at your own Brand with you Logo and all.
• SMS Account Expiry & Low SMS Balance Alert: Time to time our bulk sms software sends alerts to inform you the current sms account status.

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