360 degree Marketing

360 Degree Marketing Starting a business up is a challenging task but the real challenge of the business comes when you make effort for growing the same to its success level. If you are running a business, you must have come to know how significant it is to maintain steady flow of your clients. Now as a businessperson, if you think of leading generation in bulk, SRA Media is…


Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications Services at SRA Media Strategic communication is one of the most significant aspects of branding and marketing strategies. Communication can be called strategic when the communication process is entirely dependable with an organization’s mission, vision and values. The strategic communication is able to enhance the organization’s strategic positioning and competitiveness in the market. Any organization needs to communicate with their targeted audiences to deliver a message to…


Media Management

Media Management As one of the top most marketing and advertisement companies of India, SRA Media comes up with complete solution of marketing and advertising activities and campaigns. The marketing strategies for political, business and institutional marketing and advertisement campaign involve all aspects that come under online and off line marketing. Media management is one of them. Media management comes under the process of business administration. It deals with…


Crisis communications

Crisis Communications Services at SRA Media With a plathora of different aspects of marketing and branding services, SRA Media is known to be the top marketing and advetising company in India. We not only help businesses or institutes, but also come up with our services to help political leaders and parties to get their electoral success. Apart from making efforts with media management and other marketing strategies, we offer…


Message Development for Effective Communications Planning

Among various important aspects of marketing and branding strategies, message development is one that is essential to create trust in targeted audiences. Actually, effective message development is a significant part of a communications plan that is build to communicate with public.  In spite of all the talk about the significance of good messaging for any organization, it remains an indefinable element of communications planning for most of companies. Not…


Media Buying & Execution

Media Buying & Execution As a market leader, SRA Media offers comprehensive online and outdoor marketing services. When it comes to our Media services, at the number one marketing company, we cover the range of strategic planning as per our clients’ requirement, well-negotiated media buying, and analytics oriented execution across entire digital media on both the mobile and the desktop. We include media buying on Facebook too. With a…


Advantages and Benefits of SMS Marketing or Message Marketing

  Make Loyal Customers SMS Marketing is an extraordinary channel to draw in and make valuable clients. Offer your clients advancements and offer data about your business when you feel the need. This makes your clients/customers feel increased in value by keeping them the principle focal point of your business. The more you give, the more you get back. Produce verbal Conversation Use SMS to draw in your current…


Digital Marketing Solutions For Business

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Features of a Good Brand Name

Features Of A Good Brand Name Brand name is one of the brand elements which helps the customers to identify and differentiate one product from another. It should be chosen very carefully as it captures the key theme of a product in an efficient and economical manner. It can easily be noticed and its meaning can be stored and triggered in the memory instantly. Choice of a brand name…

Political Communication

Political communication mediatization and decentralization through Social media in INDIA

Social Media Is Changing The Dynamics Among Politics As a vital communication tool, social media has emerged connecting online people from across the country. Though the availability of the internet is still limited in India, yet the utilization of social networking sites has been noticed on the surface of the political ground. Through the traditional means of communication or advertising tools, it was difficult to make an interactive communication…

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