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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services at SRA Media
Online Reputation management, Online Attraction management, SEO SMO, SMM,ORM, PPC, Web Analytics, Online Branding, Traffic Generation, Keyword Advertising, Email Marketing, Online Lead Generation, Blog Marketing, Google Adwords and Article Marketing.

We are a leading Digital marketing company where our digital marketing services encompass a wide variety of channels. The Internet is the primary digital medium where these channels cover all the audiences connected to it. Apart from these internet-based channels, there are some others like mobile phones, CD-ROM, DVD and similar physical interactive media.

But we mainly focus on online digital marketing services that comprise websites design and development, Social Media Marketing(SMM), Search Engine Optimization(SEO)  Social Media Optimization(SMO), ORM, Pay Per Click (PPC), web analytics, online branding, traffic generation, keyword advertising, email marketing, online lead generation, blog marketing, Google Adwords, article marketing, online reputation management and online attraction management.

Website Design and Development: Having a business website on the internet is the basic aspect of digital marketing or branding. Usually, a website acts as billboard on the digital highway. That is why our complete solution of digital marketing starts from developing an attractive website that represents your business to the worldwide audiences.

Search Engine Optimization: Your business website on the internet will not benefit your business until it comes to the first page of search engine results. And these are a number of SEO techniques that bring a website on the top of the search engine result page. Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategies include On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. These strategies increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

Social Media Marketing: As the majority of people are connected to social media sites, Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to take your business to the targeted audiences. Our expert SMM executives are experienced enough to run campaign on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.

Brand strategy: The reliable services include brand strategy that makes access to data and insights for effective brand building strategies. Creating a brand’s awareness requires the right mix of marketing activities across various digital channels. A pool of strategic digital services effectively helps a company or brand connect with potential customers across the world. It is great to make your customers understand your brand’s strengths realizing why your audiences should engage with the brand. With the power of digital strategies, we tailor brand strategies to suit your business requirements.

Email Marketing: To reach your target audiences, we offer direct email marketing services. After collecting data, we run effective email marketing campaign that directly make a contact to the audiences and bring brand initiatives into their focus. A well-written professional proposal creates lead and finally converts audiences into your customers.

Data Analytics: Data related to your targeted audiences is necessary, but merely collecting data is not enough. Data mining and analysis is also necessary to build branding strategies ensuring the success. Analysis of audience helps brand build people –focused marketing techniques and works effectively towards attractive customers.

Content Marketing: Expert digital marketers realize the power of quality content and develop the way how it engages the audience and pull their attention towards your core business. Various channels of content marketing drive traffic to your website and increase brand performance. Writing quality content and optimizing it to the relevant audiences is the key factor to good online marketing. Blog and article marketing come under it. We share top-tier content on different channels, which, in turn, bring heightens services, products and brands to audience.

Online reputation management
Online reputation management is the practice of creating brands reputation on the internet market. The online management reputation involves constant monitoring the online presence of your brand. It makes sure that the conceptualization of a business stays on the favorable side. It involves boosting positive content and removing the visibility of negative content.

Reports reveal that 75% of potential customers reach the online presence and check reviews first before they make a deal with any company. They try best four and five companies’ website to find out the best option for their deal. After reading the reviews on the site, they determine which one is the best option. Mainly new customers leave the sites after reading one bad review. It means you lose eighty percent of new customers due to mismanaged online reputation.

Google Adwords: Our digital marketers are expert in campaigning Google Adwards or PPC advertising. If you are in need, we will offer you customized services that best fit your business requirement. We eliminate your extra expenditure and drive high traffic to your website.

Features of Google Adwords Services:

  • Expert executives build and manage Google Adwords campaigns to drive more traffic constantly.
  • Apart from the quantity of traffic, we stay focused to give quality traffic that you really want.
  • Specialists identify wasteful PPC spending and reduce it to lowest cost possible.
  • We help you achieve high return of investment ensuring your business goal.


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