A successful content marketing funnel moves people from awareness of your product to satisfied customer of your business. It’s a multi-stage process.
A content marketing funnel is also a clear path of return on your content investment. And what business doesn’t want to be able to tangibly reflect ROI on its marketing? If you are trying to grow your business through the use of content but having trouble putting a clear marketing funnel together, then this article has you covered.
Here’s what we’ll tackle:
• What is content marketing funnel?
• Why should you create a content marketing funnel?
• Audience-oriented funnel creation
• Creating successful content
• What to do once a customer has completed your funnel

What is Content Marketing Funnel?

A content marketing funnel is a system that introduces new leads to your business through different types of content. These leads are then converted into possible customers by progressively “funneling” them through more types of content.

Why Should You Care About Creating a Content Marketing Funnel?

Content Marketing leads to more indexed pages, more backlinks, and more reasons for your brand to spread via word-of-mouth. It’s like leaving thousands of little breadcrumbs all over the internet to guide potential customers to you.

Audience-Oriented Funnel Creation

It all begins with identifying the audience for the content.
If you are planning to create content, you should first understand the target market and build a funnel that caters to their needs. The more details you can fill in about your audience, the better.

Creating Successful Content

There is much to consider if you want to create successful content, so pay close attention.

The steps are:

a. Research content
b. Find influencers
c. Write
Once you have your target audience in mind, you need to know what types of content they are interested in.

What to do once a customer has completed your funnel
If you’ve done a great job, that new customer will continue to want your free content, and they’ll be even more likely to share it with their friends, family, and co-workers.
You can create this follow-through by providing ways for your customers to do your work for you. Here are some examples:
• Give discounts on their next purchase to customers who refer a friend.
• Provide trial codes to customers that they can give to their friends.
• Give exclusive content to your customers that they can share with other people.
Creating a successful content marketing funnel is not easy. It takes work and discipline to pull it off. If you try to focus on your audience rather simply dishing out content, you can create a system that will be highly beneficial for your business.