Social Media Is Changing The Dynamics Among Politics

As a vital communication tool, social media has emerged connecting online people from across the country. Though the availability of the internet is still limited in India, yet the utilization of social networking sites has been noticed on the surface of the political ground. Through the traditional means of communication or advertising tools, it was difficult to make an interactive communication with people directly, but now it is vitally possible to make a close touch with the public and to know their views on any topic. Some years ago, during the elections, present Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi used the power of social media for its political election campaign. And the impact of political communication mediatization through social media was clear to all. After that, most of the political parties and political leaders are focusing on using the power of social media to make direct contact with the citizens of India.

How To Use Facebook, Twitter, And Youtube To Create An Effective Social Media Campaign For Election Battle?

Social media has amazing capabilities which you can use as the effective mode of communication for personal, business or political uses. It offers a lot of functions, activities, and processes that can be done to run a political media campaign. On Facebook, one can create a profile and post regular posts to the public to convey one’s message. Creating a group on Facebook can be a good option to attract followers and supporters with the same interest. For sharing your content in the format of audio and videos, Youtube is the best place. The promotional content representing your stories in the format of video can be shared to a large number of online citizens. People do not only have the visual effect of videos but also get indulged in them interestingly.  Campaigning through videos on Youtube is an exciting way; it creates interest in people and makes them stay focused.

Communicate With Constituents, Other Citizens

During the battle of the election, it is utmost necessary to make active contact with citizens, as today every citizen comes up with their own opinions about political activities. With a great interest in the political issues and government construction, he likes to participate in them actively. Most political leaders take advantage of social media to communicate with such citizens and know what they have to say. As a vital tool, social media sites bring them closer to exchanging their views. Once a political leader tweets something on twitter, a large number of followers welcome him with greetings, in the same way, a large number of persons leave their comment criticizing them for some drawbacks. Thus this network is not a single way of communication, but it gives the opportunity to exchange views efficiently.

Importance Of Amplifier In Election Battle

In spite of the development in every sphere in India, there are still a lot of people who are not in contact with social media and the internet. They hardly have touch with the internet. Apart from this, a large number of people have been illiterate who cannot read newspapers too. That is why, to beat the election challenges in such cases, it is important to use amplifiers that can communicate with this level of citizens interestingly.  Using amplifier has been an integral part of the traditional election campaigns, and even now it is unbeatable means of communication especially in rural areas.