Quantitative Research Services at SRA Media:

Quantitative Research emphasizes objective measurements and comes up with statistical, mathematical or numerical analysis of the information or data which is generally collected via polls, surveys and questionnaires under the primary and secondary research. Pre-existing statistical data are manipulated by using computational techniques. In technical terms, quantitative researches typically focus on gathering numerical data from the previous researches and generalizing it across different groups of people for better explaining a scrupulous phenomenon well.

Characteristics of Quantitative Research:

At SRA Media, our goal of conducting quantitative research is to establish a relationship between an independent variable and a dependent or outcome variable within populace. The designs of quantitative research are generally descriptive or experimental. Descriptive research studies set up only associations between variables, while an experimental research study establishes causality.

The process of quantitative research deals in different aspects including numbers, logic and an objective stance. We come up with the Quantitative Research technique that focuses on numeric and unchanging details or data.

There are following characteristics of our Quantitative Research services:

  • During quantitative research, the data is typically collected via structured research instruments.
  • The results of Quantitative research are based on larger sizes of samples that are basically considered to be the representative of the population of the society.
  • The quantitative research study can typically be repeated to give its higher dependability.
  • Our Researchers clearly identify research questions, and objective answers for these questions are sought during the process.
  • We design all aspects of the quantitative research study before the data are collected.
  • We collect the data in the form of numbers and statistics, and these are often arranged in charts, figures, tables or other non-textual forms.
  • We use the project to generalize concepts more deeply, widely, and investigate causal relationships or predict future results.
  • We use research tools like computer software or questionnaires, to gather numerical information.

 Things we consider while reporting the results of a quantitative research study:

  • We explain the information collected, their statistical treatment and all relevant results regarding to the research problem we are investigating.
  • We report unexpected events that generally occurred during our process of data collection. We also better explain how the actual analysis is different from the analysis planned.
  • We explain the techniques we used to clean the set of data.
  • We mainly choose a sufficient statistical procedure and provide an underlying principle for its use.
  • We explain the suppositions for each step and procedure we took to ensure that they were not violated.
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