Social Media And Indian Politics

In the technology-driven world, social media has become the most important medium to connect people from near as well as remote areas-even beyond the boundaries. Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, etc. have proven to be the best means of communication. People vastly use these networking sites to communicate with their friends, family members, relatives, etc. A majority of the Indian people is witnessing efficient uses of these social media sites for personal, business and political issues. The importance of social media can be seen everywhere. Over a few years, the use of social media sites has influenced Indian Politics too. Marketing managers of political parties take social media sites as the best marketing and attraction management tool nowadays.

Social Media And The Involvement Of Political Parties

Almost all political leaders have a strong attachment with their followers through these social media sites. They share their views with them by tweeting on Twitter or by posting information on Facebook. The best thing is that they also come to know how their followers react to them. This also enables the political leaders to understand their positives and negatives that help them decide changes and implementations accordingly. If we peep into the last few elections conducted in India, the political leaders personally came among the public through these sites, and meanwhile, marketing managers of the poetical parties used the social media as the prime medium to run advertising campaigns.

Social Media’s Influence On Politics

Social media plays a dominant role to enhance the impact of politics on those who are connected to networking sites. Past few decades, the majority of working society was almost inactive towards the political issues because they hardly get chances to be aware of them. But now gone are those days, as these social media sites have given common people a close touch with the politics and political issues. On the other hand, political parties and leaders come to know the opinions of common people. Any tweet on twitter or any post on facebook receives a large number of comments from persons from the different societies across India.

Social Media Has Changed Politics For Better And Worse

Like everything in this world, social media also has both bright and dark sides. The bright side of social media reflects the increased involvement of common people in politics. The definition of Democracy suggests that democracy is a government of the people by the people and for the people. Social media has brought this concept closer to its practical implementation. As a part of the democratic country, common people in India got a chance to vote only. Apart from it, a voter cannot reach any level of government or administration with his or her views. But these are social media sites through which everyone can share their views with the public or to the political leaders. Through these social media sites, common people can better participate in political issues.