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There are many seasons and occasions when you need to convert your retail place into the entertainment area, and SRA Media team is completely involved with you to turn several sites into the desired places. For example, the school holidays are such perfect opportunity.

In the summer, we provide event management services to make great things at your business place like a sandpit, games and giant deckchairs, and all these provide a back drop for a selfie.  Such areas are very popular for families and kids of all ages. Grownups can also enjoy the area.  There are many happy faces when it is time for all the activation.


We are a group of professionals who are expert in all activations for people on different occasions. For the Christmas season also, our professionals build a sleigh which Santa would have been proud of and we use all our illuminated Christmas trees to create a winter wonderland! Our professionals are also experienced to use our cubes as giant presents which really give the area, a real festive feeling.

SRA Media include all activations outdoors for multiple weeks, which pose many issues and we work hard to solve them. We put all of our experience and creativity to deliver our clients expert activations with all fun and games.  If you are looking for the professional support for all activations, you can confidently contact us for the same. We will help you have a great experience of the events.

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