Commuter Displays (Airports, Bus Stops, Railway Station, Metro Station, Flyover etc.)

Marketing and advertising goes up with different digital displays inserted at public areas. Commuter displays at bus stops, airports, railways, metro station or flyovers, etc. are the best things that attract almost every passerby and deliver a relevant message. High quality commuter displays are used to reach commuters in such areas that are the busiest ones. In the major markets and streets, they have high exposure to a huge traffic of the particular area. These displays become the best part of modern advertisement campaigns. Commuter displays are deployed in conjunction with other OOH formats.

The advertisement through commuter displays reaches a captive, upscale suburban commuter along with the business professionals, lunch-time patrons and shoppers. These quality displays offer face-to-face impact on platforms, in waiting areas, in Train Card and in corridors where the elevated level of traffic reaches. These displays deliver business messages in visually stimulating and uncluttered environment. This technology provides high impressions in upscale areas where traditional home displays are often unreached.

As a pioneer in the marketing and branding domain, SRA Media offers quality marketing facilities through Commuter Displays. At SRA Media, we use a variety of commuter displays and digital signs at different places like airports, bus stops, railway station, metro station, flyover etc. These displays and signs are used to provide transit information specific to each location and these are exposed to a large number of people from the local, national or international level. Audiences get relevant information through them.

We feel proud to help a large number of our valuable clients to spread their business or organizational information to a large number of their target audiences and create their brand identity with the help of different kinds of innovative technology and techniques. Our experts have made this work of outdoor advertisement a tool for companies, institutes, political parties, travel agencies and companies.  If you are looking for the professional support for running promotional campaigns with commuter displays, we are here to help you in your need. We ensure the real success for which you invest money.

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