Political Research & Consultancy:

SRA Media is engaged in a wide range of marketing and research activities for decades. We are one of the top marketing research and consulting firms in India. Apart from the business marketing, we are specialized political research and consulting services provider. Our vast range or political research activities encompasses conducting feedback surveys, opinion polls and critical analysis of high profile politician and parties, and we serve them with many other political services.

We at, SRA Media, provide A to Z research and consulting services with a complete process that encompasses understanding client’s needs, data collection, survey, analysis.  And then we provide valuable insights. Our research and consulting services include market research, brand management, fields of politics, election management, etc.

Settled in Delhi NCR, we cover almost all the states of India in political environment. Our huge network of professionals is widely spread in all corners of the country and we conduct research and marketing activities on the real world. We are able to bring the exact information and feedback of people. We boast of being the best medium of political parties or leaders and common public or voters in India

What SRA Media Comes Up With:

  • We successfully conduct opinion poll surveys and feedback surveys in Assembly constituencies of different states.
  • The professionals of SRA Media carry out similar surveys in maximum Loksabha constituencies in different states of India.
  • Most of the Assembly constituencies are covered by us successfully.
  • We execute opinion poll surveys for councils, municipal corporations and self government bodies in different states.
  • In all these activities we deal, our accuracy ratio is above 85%. That is why various recognized political parties and high profile personalities trust us.
  • At SRA Media, we specifically keep our self at distance from media and newspapers.
  • During our political survey, we interact with 2500-3000 voters in one Vidhansabha constituency and 5000-6000 voters in one Loksabha constituency on an average.
  • Our teams of trained professionals visit almost 100 key villages during our surveys for one Loksabha constituency and almost 40-50 key villages for one Vidhansabha constituency.
  • The detailed information, what we obtain through questionary, remains strictly confidential.

Due to the features of our research activities noted above, we exist on the top of the list of research and consulting firms in political background. During every survey our professional team works under two trained observers. These two observers are selected from different economical and social walks of life so that they can have keen observing sight on every activity happened during the survey.

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