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In the series of marketing research aspects, qualitative research is the dominant one. Some of you may take it as a confusing thing to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research. Many of the researchers also can mistakenly take these two terms interchangeably. But qualitative research is quite different from quantitative research. In terms of marketing research, qualitative research is a technique of inquiry or research employed in many different disciplines including, education, markets, business and services demonstration. It becomes the essential part of marketing strategies for any business while curving its niche in the industry. At SRA Media, one of the top marketing and Research Company, professionals understand the difference between qualitative research and quantitative research. We come up with all knowledge and techniques used to perform qualitative research, and we provide our clients with exact data what their organization deserves for.

Actually, qualitative research is primarily exploratory research which is generally used to gain deep understanding and knowledge about underlying reasons, motivations and opinions. Through this aspect of marketing research, we gain insights into the problem which help us to develop ideas and hypotheses for making potential quantitative research. We use the qualitative research technique to uncover trends in thought and opinions, and then we dive deeper into the problem. We use different Qualitative data collection methods using semi-unstructured or structured techniques. Some common data collection methods can include focusing on group discussions, participation, individual interviews and observations. The sample size of qualitative research is typically small, and its respondents are generally chosen to fulfill a given quota.

Rightly, the qualitative research is a wide methodological approach, and it can encompass many research techniques and methods. The purposes of qualitative research can be different for different organizations depending on the disciplines and research requirements with the disciplinary background.  For example, a psychologist can seek to gather a sound understanding of common people behavior, and a politician can take the advantage of the qualitative research methods for having idea of what people of their country or state think. By using qualitative techniques, the professionals of SRA Media examine aspects and try to find out reasons. We go deeper to find out the answers of “Who, What, Where, When and How.” The techniques are used to understand private, government and social programs. In the modern scenario, qualitative research is popular technique among political science, business, social work, education, etc.

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