Merged or Mixed Method Research Services

SRA Media is one of top marketing and research companies in India. At the organization, we encompass all that comes under the research and marketing strategies, and look ahead to benefiting diverse industries including education, business and politics, etc. In our research procedure, we go through all the required steps to find out the best research result. Merged or mixed methods research is also an effective technique to fulfill the research requirement of organizations. We adopt the innovative methods out of box merging Qualitative and Quantitative Data under Mixed Methods. Our merged methods research is based on the concept “How to and Why not”

During our research procedure, the studies have approach to the utility of mixed methods designs that put together both quantitative and qualitative data via a trans-formative process. Under the whole strategies, two different techniques-qualitative and quantitative are described to collect data-sets and the processes are presented in detail to merge them well. The professionals at SRA Media are well versed to perform all the activities related to mixed methods research. They put all the processes and activities in a right way ensuring the data collected in proper way.

We strive hard to give all summarized benefits of mixed methods designs to our clients. In the process we delineate the shortcomings and challenges that are inherent in quantitizing qualitative data, and then we take the research process to the next level.

We look to work on mixed methods research designs for tested and structured integrative processes while seeking associations between primarily qualitative socio-cultural and primarily quantitative biophysical data which mostly include environmental and natural resource anthropologists. Such mixed method designs have been used by the professionals to enlarge traditional methods for evaluating and supervising the effects of tourism and recreation on the physical environment.

In a larger sense, these mixed research designs can assist ecological and environmental anthropologists in a right way in their efforts to conquer lack of public engagement in linkages among human activities done and their physical environments around them. We broadly use the term mixed or merged methods research here to refer to all types of procedures used for gathering and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data in the context of a single study.

At SRA Media, we are familiar to the objectives of mixed or merged methods research, and can better describe how and why we conduct two mixed methods research designs to make the research benefits available for our clients. We bring these benefits of mixed method research to our clients by beating the challenges of mixed method research.

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