What Is Primary Research and How Do We Help Our Clients With It?

As a digital and outdoor marketing solution provider, SRA Media starts with Primary Research that involves collecting data or exact information about any subject, organization, product, event, field and industry directly from the real world. Primary research is just like you go out and collect information about what you exactly are, what others think of you and what the industry expect of you. Through the surveys, interviews, observations, analysis and ethnographic research; a professional researcher efficiently uses both primary and secondary sources to approach the audiences at the bottom line integrating them in a cohesive fashion. This section of primary research includes collecting information via different research processes such as interviews, surveys, observations, and analysis, etc.

What types of procedures we conduct during primary research?

To make our Primary Research result-oriented and successful, we go all the following procedures and try to bring the exact data of the niche in the real world.

  • Interviews: Conducting interview sessions, we strive to find out a lot of information from a small number of people. These interviews are useful when our clients want to get an experts’ opinion on a subject.
  • Surveys: By conducting surveys involving larger groups of people, we go to collect a limited amount of information from a large number of participants. The surveys are useful when our client want to know what a larger population thinks about any particular subject, product organization.
  • Observations: SRA Media conducts observations also under the Primary Research to provide our clients insight about specific products, people, locales or events.
  • Analysis: we go for analysis that involves collecting information and organizing it in fashion based criteria our clients want to develop. The analysis is useful process when you want to find some trend or pattern.

What types of projects avail benefit of Primary Research?

For taking out the result of any effort, it is really important to know which direction is the best to go to. And what are essentials that anyone needs to pay attention on. Whether you are small business, large corporation or entrepreneur, you can avail the benefits of primary research to know the right and exact information of the industry. If you are entrepreneur, you will come to know about market needs and what your target audience exactly wants. Research and marketing are the procedures that should be kept on constantly so that the businessmen can take right decisions. Apart from the business persons, writers use the tool of primary research to know the subjects and topics from the real world. SRA Media come forward to help political parties and political leaders as well by conducting primary research in their particular domain.

Essential points we include in Primary Research:

While conducting our Primary Research, we consider the following questions:

  • What do our clients want to discover?
  • How do we plan to discover it?
  • Which methodology we are going to adopt.
  • Who are going to talk to/observe/survey?
  • Who are our subjects or participants?
  • How are we going to gain access to these participants?
  • What are our basics about this topic?
  • What do we expect to discover?
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