Secondary Research:

In terms of marketing industry, Secondary Research is also known as desk research which involves the summary, collation and synthesis of existing research. During the process of Secondary research, data are collected from research subjects or experiments. Though the Primary research and Secondary research can be something confusing for some of you, but these two kinds of researches have been clearly distinguished. Actually sources of secondary research have already been used, analyzed and interpreted during the primary research.

To explain in a market research context, we can consider the secondary research as a process to include the reuse of any data collected through the primary search. SRA Media Comes up with its most efficient secondary research services that cover a wide range of industries including health, legal and market research. The effective methodology used in secondary research is expert systematic review using meta-analytic statistical techniques.

Inputs SRA Media Consider for Secondary Research:

After completing a brainstorming process, SRA Media starts Secondary Research. During brainstorming process, professionals gather ideas and create concepts or themes that basically become the subjects of secondary research. Topic for analyzing during secondary research can be included in different stages of the creative process. Whenever a new question comes up in the creative process, the professionals try to find out its answer during the secondary research.

Outputs SRA Media Gives:

After creative process of analysis on desk, we come up with the result of Secondary Research that provides suitable answers to the uncertainties and questions. The secondary research narrows down the subject domain and makes it easier for primary research to be conducted later on.

Purpose of Secondary Research:

This technique of Secondary Research is performed in order to:

  • Gain easy, low-cost and quick information
  • Elucidate the research question
  • Help align the focus of primary research in a larger scale
  • Identify the appropriate answer
  • Exclude potentially unrelated project proposals

4 Steps of Secondary Research Technique SRA Media Uses:

During the creative process of marketing research, technique of Secondary Research can happen at any stage. Each process of Secondary Research generally involves 4 steps, and this can be repeated wherever it is required.

  • Recognizing the subject domain where to obtain right information
  • Collecting existing data
  • Comparing the available data from different sources
  • Analyzing the data appropriately

Advantages of Secondary Research:

  • It makes information readily available at quick and low cost.
  • It helps focus on the results of Primary researches.
  • Internal secondary data reflects a corporation’s preferred way of organizing the world
  • Secondary research may be available appropriate source of specific information
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