Save Your Hard earned Money and Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

This article is about how advertising agencies can actually save your business money. Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t face expenses, as well – you can count on paying for creative development, design, and other hands-on tasks – but many executives are surprised to learn that an advertising agency can actually reduce certain costs. REQUIRING LESS MARKETING STAFF ON YOUR PAYROLL If you hire an agency partner, you…


Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

    Here some digital marketing trends to look out for this year. SEO is a moving target Trends and habits should change along with SEO so google’s approach is to serve the best content based on the intent of the searcher and also shifted away from core keywords to a longer tailed approach. This is due to several factors. The main factors being that Google is now sorting…


New internet audiences, Nowadays voice is the preferred mode of input for Searching-

Laptop and mobile screens have been the primary ways users have interacted with the internet. However, with the advent and growth of voice assistants, particularly smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, this is changing and changing fast! The interaction has now started happening through voice, with smart speakers, without using a screen in most cases. The focus is now shifting to building conversational User Interfaces and screen User…


Social Media Management Through SRA MEDIA Advertising Agency

Facebook Management After evaluation of your Facebook Business page & target audience, we will redefine your business page to represent your brand to your potential customers. We will be regularly adding the post customized for your target audience to keep them engaged. Instagram Management Instagram is an important social media platform, we will help your business build and post high-quality images to create engagement from target users across the…


Now a Days Marketing Through Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is commerce or buying or selling of products or services through wireless handheld devices like mobile phone or cell phone, PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants), and Smartphones. Users have access to the Internet via mobile devices. One of the most important and emerging technologies behind m-commerce or mobile commerce is WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Some other technologies used are Bluetooth, micro browsers, GPRS–wireless service based on GSM, EDGE…


Features of a Good Brand Name

Features of a Good Brand Name Brand name is one of the brand elements which helps the customers to identify and differentiate one product from another. It should be chosen very carefully as it captures the key theme of a product in an efficient and economical manner. It can easily be noticed and its meaning can be stored and triggered in the memory instantly. Choice of a brand name…

Political Communication

Political communication mediatization and decentralization through Social media in INDIA

Social Media is changing the dynamics among politics As a vital communication tool, social media has emerged connecting online people from across the country. Though the availability of the internet is still limited in India, yet the utilization of the social networking sites has been noticed on the surface of the political ground. Through the traditional means of communication or advertising tools, it was difficult to make an interactive…


Social media and political communication in INDIA

Now in India social media running politics Involvement of political leaders and political parties in sharing their thoughts and information through their social media sites has attracted common people towards political issues. It also has given the public better chances to involve in them with their own opinions. Indian politics has been influenced by the social media; there is no doubt in it. Whether it is political advertising campaign…


Social Media is an Attraction Management tools for Political Parties

Social Media and Indian politics In the technology-driven world, social media has become the most important medium to connect people from near as well as remote areas-even beyond the boundaries. The social networking sites like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc. have proven to be the best means of communication. People vastly use these networking sites to communicate with their friends, family members, relatives etc. A majority of the Indian people…

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