Media Management

As one of the top most marketing and advertisement companies of India, SRA Media comes up with complete solution of marketing and advertising activities and campaigns. The marketing strategies for political, business and institutional marketing and advertisement campaign involve all aspects that come under online and off line marketing. Media management is one of them.

Media management comes under the process of business administration. It deals with organizing, supervising and managing teams of media professionals, various channels of mass communication, media advertisement, technologies used, media, entertainment productions and many more actions that are encompassed within the marketing and branding ground through media. The professionals like media managers make use of various organization skills, different technologies, and software tools utilized in media productions, marketing strategies and media economic understanding.

SRA Media has a team of media management professionals who have educational background at least at graduate levels. The professionals have sound experience of industry and are able to make concentration tracks in media management for clients’ business administration. We generally focus on management methods and different functioning of different types of media, communication and competitive strategies. We develop marketing models and hold corporate responsibility making the business persons free from the marketing and advertisement ventures for their business.

With high experience in the industry, we are prepared for a range of management aspects within the sector of media and in similar disciplines. Our professionals help businesses, institutes and political parties in their production increment, branding, off line advertising and internet marketing. We hold the work responsibilities of media management for radio, print, TV, news media, and media administration for business, political parties and non-profit organizations.

As per the works our professionals hold in favor of our clients, they can be awarded the titles such as media planner, assistant marketing manager, advertising manager,  communication specialist, editor in chief, social media specialist, digital global development manager and others