Features Of A Good Brand Name

Brand name is one of the brand elements which helps the customers to identify and differentiate one product from another. It should be chosen very carefully as it captures the key theme of a product in an efficient and economical manner. It can easily be noticed and its meaning can be stored and triggered in the memory instantly. Choice of a brand name requires a lot of research. Brand names are not necessarily associated with the product. For instance, brand names can be based on places, animals, birds or people. In some instances, the company name is used for all products.

A Good Brand Name Should Have The Following Characteristics:


It should be unique/distinctive.
It should be extendable.
It should be easy to pronounce, identified and memorized.
It should give an idea of the product’s qualities and benefits.
It should be easily convertible into foreign languages.
It should be capable of legal protection and registration.
It should suggest product/service category.
It should indicate concrete qualities.
It should not portray bad/wrong meanings in other categories.