Now in India social media running politics

Involvement of political leaders and political parties in sharing their thoughts and information through their social media sites has attracted common people towards political issues. It also has given the public better chances to involve in them with their own opinions. Indian politics has been influenced by the social media; there is no doubt in it. Whether it is political advertising campaign or public sharing done by political leaders, social media comes up as the most preferred way they adopt. A number of surveys and activities regarding political issues are done to know what people have to say about.  As a connecting and communication tool, social media fills the gap between the people and politics.  Every action taken by the ministers is directly reacted by the site users, and this reaction from the public impacts the government and political arena. Social media driven politics comes closer to the decisions what a majority of people like.

Top 10 Social media sites

Political institutions and individual political leaders are active on top 10 social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Whatsapp,  Snapchat and  Youtube, etc. These become the best tools to connect people in their advertising campaign and gain support from them. During the elections, these social media sites become the best medium to convey their political message to the public. By sharing in their timeline, followers also help the message reach other people who are connected in their network. A large number of the people connected to such sites receive the massages and react accordingly.

How to use social media in politics

Like every other technical tool, social media also requires from users, the working proficiency in its use. Apart from using social media sites by their own, political leaders can hire professional digital marketing agencies for better use of the capabilities of social media sites. They help political parties in taking their political agendas to votes at every level. The digital marketers or marketing managers are expert in creating profiles and pages on different social media sites, and they build a large network of followers and supporters. Their proficiency in handling pages and running campaigns makes them able to leave positive influence on voters.

How social media is changing campaigns

Unlike the traditional political campaigns, social media campaigns give faster and more efficient result of the effort done on them. The social networking sites create more user engagement to campaigns in today’s scenario. Political Journalism is a conversation between working journalists connected to these sites. The political institutions hire the professional agencies which give technical wings to the political campaigns. These political campaigns are more effective to spread the information to the remote areas. When the political campaign is run on the social media sites, it creates an interest in users, and every follower becomes the part of their campaign to take it to the next level. Supporter and followers share the post to their friends and they again do the same.  Thus it reaches person to person.